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15 tips to help you pass your LET exam

Four or more years of no-sleep-nights and stress with requirements, exams, performances, lesson plans, instructional materials and thesis is no joke for a human who needs 8 hours of deep sleep. One has to be an immortal to graduate.

However, the suffering does not end there, what you really worked for shall only be judged in less than a day of a board exam.

Hence, from a former examinee like me who somehow managed to pass, I’d like to share some of the things I did to pass judgement day for aspiring teachers.

Here are 15 things you need to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you really learned during your years of study in college. No amount of review could equal this.

2. Before the exam, your mind should be relaxed. Kaya yan!

3. Bring extra pencils so you don’t need to mess around and waste your time sharpening. (In my case, I brought a box of it )

4. Know your speed in taking exams. In case you think 2 hours is more than enough for 150 items, put your answers first on the questionnaire before transferring to your answer sheet.

5. Usually, two hours is more than enough. So if you think you are not sure with your answer, just mark the item and go back later.

6. Be careful with your paper. Make sure not to crumple it.

7. You may eat but do not consume your food while your paper is in front of you.

8. Wear your most comfortable clothes. You are going to take an exam for your future not a fashion show

9. Eat chocolates, nuts, and drink water. For me, they are effective.

10. Take a bath. Your brain functions well when you’re feeling fresh.

11. Bring medicines for pain, LBM, and etc, just in case something bad happens to your body.

12. If you really are not sure if your answer, follow your first instinct.

13. Have a good sleep before the exam, your brain will function better.

14. In your Prof. Ed., often, the questions are pro-students. So forget your realistic side for the moment. Give the answer they want.

15. Traditions give us a sense of assurance and courage. Follow all the traditions you want. It won’t kill you anyway.

16. Pray. No matter how good you are, you always need Him. Better, pray with your friends who will take the same exam.

I hope this will be of help. Kaya yan! Michael Andrada/ Northernforum.net

The author is a senior high school teacher at Tuguegarao City Science High School. He was a student leader, debater and a campus journalist during his college days. 

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