About Us

Founded in 1980, the decades-old The Northern Forum will evolve from a sleepy newspaper to the most trusted, independent and known regional weekly newspaper in Cagayan Valley.

Publication office is at Patria Bldg, Rizal St, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

The Northern Forum tells Cagayan Valley the real stories to the people, merging the traditional print and digital media.


a. Integrity- It is important that we maintain our integrity to be continuously trusted. We, at The Northern Forum, will always seek to uphold the truth and will brave enough to correct its technical and factual errors.
b. Independence- The editorial independence is properly observed. We decide what we write, and are not influenced by any vested interests. We serve the people with passion, but not passionate enough to twist the truth.
c. Fairness- We print our paper without favor. Impartiality will be observed faithfully.
d. Responbility- We are responsible for everything we write and publish.