BAKONG PRODUCTS. Cagayan First District Congressman Ramon Nolasco looks at one of Santa Teresita's bakong products as he visits the fiber's booth in the opening of 3rd Namunit, 6th Ecotourism Festival. Photo by Gerard Lucena

‘Mang Ramon’ to wear Bakong Barong in Congress

Benjamin De Yro


SANTA TERESITA, Philippines- Mang Ramon, a term of endearment for Congressman Ramon Nolasco, has assured the people of Sta. Teresita, he will wear a Bakong Barong while in session at the Lower House this year.

He disclosed that Mayor Lolita Garcia has provided him with a Bakong Barong which he said he will be proud wearing it at the house of power.

“I learned so many things in Sta. Teresita including the presence of a lake from where a new fiber has been discovered and from where my barong cloth was made,” the good humored lawmaker said.

Once his Bakong Bakong is done and will have the opportunity to wear it, he will be the fourth Cagayano to wear the first fiber cloth of its kind in the world.

The fiber industry first saw the promising material in Facebook when Mayor Lolita Garcia and Municipal Health Officer Cynthia Lyn Melchor wore the gown made of 50 percent Bakong fiber and 50 percent cotton during an awarding ceremony in Baguio in 2016

In January this year, Governor Manuel Mamba wore the same material tailor-made for him during a wedding ceremonies for his nephew in Rizal province.

This is aside from another Bakong gown especially made for the town’s patron Saint, Our Lady of the Angels. Mayor Garcia said the material has yet to be formally introduced in the market. BSY/Arapang Media/