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PAGASA releases statement on January 2018 ‘super typhoon’ rumors

Photo courtesy of PAGASA.gov.ph

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines- The state weather bureau said a tropical cyclone formation is possible this January 2018.

However, PAGASA said predicting a tropical cyclone’s intensity to reach super typhoon category more than one week ahead has a very high uncertainty.

This is in response to rumors circulating in social media sites such as Facebook, warning of a super typhoon that might affect the country on the first month of 2018.

PAGASA in a statement said, based on historical records, it is “normal” to have 0-1 tropical cyclone chance in January.

The state weather bureau further said, the atmosphere is “very dynamic” and that constant monitoring is “necessary.”

With this, PAGASA advised the public to be “more careful, verify information, and listen only to right authority” to avoid panic.

Meanwhile, cloudy skies with scattered rains are expected over Cagayan Valley on Thursday, December 28. This is caused by the northeast monsoon, the state weather bureau said.

Moderate to rough coastal waters are expected in Luzon and Visayas, PAGASA reported.

The highest temperature in this city is 27°C while the lowest is predicted to be at 22°C.

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