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Regional Development Council could be abolished due to Federal shift

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan – All Regional Development Councils (RDC) could be abolished or be replaced by Regional Development Authority (RDA) on the incoming Federal shift.

During the media briefing and the town hall meeting with local government officials on October 29, Sec. Gary Olivar, Director of the Center for Strategy, Enterprise and Intelligence (CenSEI) on Federalism explained the possible effect to RDC.

“It could be abolished, depending on the progress of what will be the last output of the Consultative Committee”, Olivar said. He added that Federalism is set to be pushed through by the end of this year, or before the end of President Rodrigo Duterte’s term.

The Regional Development Council (RDC) is the highest policy-making body in the region and serves as the counterpart of the National Economic Development Authority Board at the sub-national level.

In addition, RDC is the primary institution that coordinates and sets the direction of all economic and social development efforts in the region where local efforts can be related and integrated with national development initiatives.

Pillars of Federal Shift

Olivar also explained the four pillars of the federal shift which focuses on “Baguhin ang lumang sistema! Isulong ang bagong konstitusyon!” The following are the four pillars of Federalism, Bagong konstitusyon para sa bagong henerasyon, Pagyamanin ang probinsya at paluwagin ang Metro Manila, Bukas na ekonomiya nang lahat ay may pag-asa and Gobyerno para sa tao, hindi para sa trapo.

These core points focus on the specific issues that are long-desired to be changed.

He stressed the subsidiarity principle, no to political dynasty, better constitution for the new generation, and a more progressive economy for the Filipinos.

Jerico Joshua Kahulugan: Jerico Joshua Kahulugan is the Editor in Chief of the Northern Forum- Cagayan Valley.