DRUG PUSHER? A severed head placed in blue bag has a cardboard written with "Drug Pusher ako, Susunod na kayo." Photo by PNP-Kayapa

Severed head of ‘drug pusher’ found in Nueva Vizcaya town

Raymon DullanaRaymon Dullana is The Northern Forum's new editor in chief. He also works as correspondent for Rappler.com.

Nueva Vizcaya

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines- Police in Kayapa town in Nueva Vizcaya province recovered a severed head of a man placed in blue bag.

A cardboard written with “Drug Pusher ako, Susunod na kayo” (I’m a drug user. You’re next.) was also placed beside the bag.

In a police report, Police Chief Inspector Orlando Pacio, said they have yet to identify whose head it was and the decapitated body is yet to be found.

Pacio said a concerned citizen reported to authorities his discovery around 7 am on Monday, October 10. The concerned citizen reportedly saw the blue bag while he’s heading to work.

He said they already issued a flash alarm to all police stations in Nueva Vizcaya to coordinate with in case the body is found.

The severed head was already placed in the custody of funeral parlor in Aritao town as the investigation of the Kayapa police and the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory.

Pacio said they are yet to establish the connection of illegal drugs of the victim none among the residents in Castillo village know the victim.

In his interview with a local radio, Pacio said the town only had 34 drug surrenders but none of them was identified to be that of recovered head. TNF