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They started with the Journalists, we don’t know what happened next!

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They started with the Journalists, we don’t know what happened next!

Stand your ground and defend press freedom!

Politically motivated as it is, the arrest over a cyber libel case on an investigative report that was first published in 2012, a move seen by many journalists and administration critics as harassment and censorship to Maria Angelita Aycardo Ressa, Chief Executive Officer of the Rappler online news website.

At least 4 agents and lawyers from the National Bureau of Investigation Cybercrime Division came to serve the warrant signed by Manila Regional Trial Court Presiding Judge Rainelda H. Estacio-Montesa. The warrant dated February 12, 2019, was served close to 5 pm, when courts were about to close.

“I think what’s shocking about it for me is it crosses another line. Is that what it takes to be a journalist in the Philippines today?” Ressa said.

This line which is being crossed by the government is the line that will break every effort that our ancestors had done. It is an attack where people could be psychologically manipulated.

In times like this, the “Trendy” news always catch the eyes of the readers which creates psychological manipulation to choose what is formidable to see.

This case largely inspire people who not (well oriented) to go against the victim (Maria Ressa).

How? Simply by giving the trend to the people, it allows the mind to forcibly say that the person who is charged guilty to their eyes.

Which is why they are starting with the journalists after that we don’t know what’s next.

Law says that Cyber Crime Law is bailable under Rule 114 section 17 of the Rules of Court which means Ressa should have been allowed to but the judge in charge of her case denied her right to it.

We will stand as what Ressa said, “If this is another of several attempts to intimidate us, it will not succeed, as past attempts have shown”.

Jerico Joshua Kahulugan: Jerico Joshua Kahulugan is the Editor in Chief of the Northern Forum- Cagayan Valley.