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Black sand mining issue raised in Gubernatorial Debate, Ting VS Antonio

Antonio and Ting as they discussed their platforms and answered questions raised by the public during the Gubernatorial Debate 2019.

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan- Congressman Randy Ting and former Governor Alvaro Antonio discussed their arguments about the black sand mining during Antonio’s term as their sore point which sizzled up the stage and the audience on Gubernatorial Debate 2019 at Cagayan State University-Andrews Campus Gymnasium, earlier today.

“Pabor po ako dahil isa yan sa programa ko. Pero sakin po, ang dredging is for purposes of reclamation. Nung nakaraan, naubos ang Cagayan dahil sa black sand mining” Ting specified as the moderator raised the question about the dredging in Cagayan. “Pag nagkaroon ng dredging, dapat magkaroon ng pag-aaral.” he added.

(I am in favour of it because it is already one of my program. But for me, dredging is for purposes of reclamation. Last time, Cagayan was affected with the black sand mining)

(When dredging will be conducted, there should be a careful study and plan)

Antonio then answered that he is also in favour of dredging as long as it will be a supervised dredging with complete study. “I would want to reiterate my stand against all kinds of mining in Cagayan. Nakikita ko ang ginawa ng mga dayuhang intsik noong nagdredge sila dito o nagmina sila dito sa probinsya ng Cagayan. If I will become the Governor, I will not allow mga dayuhan, mga intsik na makinabang dito sa probinsya.” he added.

(I would want to reiterate my stand against all kinds of mining in Cagayan. I saw the Chinese individuals when they performed mining in Cagayan. If I will become the Governor, I will not allow the Chinese to benefit here in our province)

“Yun nga ang tanong, sabi niya ayaw na niyang mangyari ulit ang black sand mining, ibig sabihin, alam niyang nangyari ang black sand mining.” Congressman Ting argued.

(That is the question, he said that he doesn’t want the black sand mining to happen again, it only means that he knows that the black mining happened)

Former Governor Antonio rebutted, “Ang nangyaring black sand mining ay dahil sa kaisipan ng mga dayuhan, ng mga intsik na nanlilinlang ng mga Cagayano.”

(The black sand mining happened because of the Chinese, the deceivers of Cagayano)

Furthermore, Ting emphasized that black sand mining will not be done without the approval of the permit from the government.

On the other hand, they indicated their platforms in the said debate. According to Alvaro, he will pursue with free hospitalization and open all the hospitals that was shut down by the present government. He also wants to support the agriculture by allotting a great amount of fund for the facilities needed in this sector.

Moreover, Randy stated that he will conduct a road repair in Cagayan, he will provide carabao in every farming household in the province and he also wants to re-open the closed down hospitals.

In the last part of debate, there was a ‘fast talk’ in which the questions were given by the audience. Both disagreed in the idea of transferring the capitol in Lallo. Both agreed that they are not buying votes and corrupt. Meanwhile, when asked about the approval of death penalty, Antonio answered NO while Ting said YES.

The candidates were only given limited time to talk, discuss and argue.

Governor Manuel Mamba was absent in the debate due to prior commitment.

Jerico Joshua Kahulugan: Jerico Joshua Kahulugan is the Editor in Chief of the Northern Forum- Cagayan Valley.
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