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DepEd launches Youth Formation and Career Guidance Programs

DepEd: During the press conference at Tipon-Tipan sa PIA, DepEd Focal Persons highlighted the implementation of Youth Formation and Career Guidance Programs.

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan—To mold the learners into better citizens, Department of Education (DepEd) Region 2 launched the “Youth Formation and Career Guidance Programs.

During a press conference, DepEd focal persons on Wednesday, March 27 explained the benefits of the programs. Ferdinand C. Narciso, Project Development Officer IV, Regional Youth Progam Focal Person said on the question and answer portion with the media, “We always think outside the box. The programs are anchored to the core values of DepEd which are Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa.

In Youth Formation, most likely, Bullying is the primary problem seen in schools. Learners get bullied from teachers and co-students. Narciso said that they undergone a program implementation review (PIR).

“PIR is a review to look into the implemented programs by the DepEd both in Youth Formation and Career Guidance”, Narciso said.

As a result, DepEd came up by creating the feedback program which elicit those individuals, especially the learners feelings on how they are being treated within the school our outside premise. “Bullying may be one of the concepts that could be related to this program”, he added.

Counseling and Disciplining

Counseling can make or break a student, Gaius Julius Bette, RGC said during his statement about student counseling.

Common problems faced by students could start at their home, family or friends, which is why Bette said the counseling would be a thing to help the student cope up.

He also explained that counseling and disciplining is not the same of advising or talking to a student. “Counseling may be critical because one wrong move, it could break or make the child”.

On the other hand, disciplining goes with giving proper words and making students be better for what he/she today. Could be a task or a collaborative activity for them to better themselves.

Misconception of Lower Sections

In the press conference, the focal persons were also asked about the misconception of the public, especially the students entering the school that lower class sections are least intelligent.

Neil Cumigad, Guidance Coordinator, Cagayan National High School explained Homogeneous grouping is the placement of students of similar abilities into one classroom. A tradition practice but now gone.

However, because of misconception, still, students suffer discrimination like bullying. “Heterogenous gouping is now being applied in the modern classroom. Students of different ability in the same class”, he added.

Jerico Joshua Kahulugan: Jerico Joshua Kahulugan is the Editor in Chief of the Northern Forum- Cagayan Valley.