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Did Cagayan gov Mamba fight Enriles for 30 years?

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines- On Friday, November 17, Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba renewed his tirades against former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, saying he had fought them for three decades.

Mamba, who led the party that ousted the Enrile’s grip in the first district in Cagayan for two decades, described Enrile as “demon.”

“I have been telling them (Liberal Party). Never talk to Enrile, demonyo ‘yan. Don’t deal with Enrile. ‘Yan dumiretso ang jueteng, naka-TRO, hawak nila ng Korte Suprema. Dumire-diretso,” Mamba said.

However, Mamba allied with Enriles during the 2007 elections.

He ran as re-electionist as representative for the third district of Cagayan under the ticket of Liberal Party.

Along with the Enriles, Mamba also allied with former Alvaro Antonio and Leonides Fausto, who were running under the Lakas-CMD party as governor and vice governor respectively.

Their alliance was successful in defeating the then seating Governor Edgar Ramones Lara.

In a message to The Northern Forum, Governor Mamba said he was only with the Enriles in the 2007 elections as “tactical alliance” to defeat Lara.

“I had tactical alliance with his son Jack against the corrupt administration of Gov. Lara,” Mamba said, adding that the alliance did not even last for a year.

“We fought for 8 years again until their defeat in the last election,” he added. Northernforum.net


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