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FEATURES: A Boundless Connection with the Children of Zinundungan

By: Joshua Kahulugan

“When the road ends, insurgency begins”. A common quote always heard when people speak of the infamous group of the New People’s Army (NPA).

While some of us busy doing our daily routine, having sumptuous meals, going to school, work…and some luxurious shopping, the children of Zinundungan Valley which is located in the remotest part of Rizal, Cagayan did not dream of what is shopping… They did not ask for a luxurious life.

Yesterday, I went back to Zinundungan to help in bringing the books we have collected from various stakeholders. What is interesting is the path going to the place. The breath-taking fields and hilly way could kill. You will need to cross rivers and mountains in order to bring basic necessities.

Zinundungan Valley is composed of three barangays (Masi, San Juan and Bural).

Photos by Cham Baccay. Snappy Police Officers of Zinundungan who secured the team.


The Kabalikat Civicom 729 Team MATIKAS teamed up with Cagayan Police Provincial Office to deliver the books and medical services for our brothers and sisters up there. This resulted immeasurable joy to us. Why? First of all, the path going to Zinundungan is not as common as what you could imagine. You have to cross mountains, hills and rivers. You have to be brave for the place is tagged as NPA-threatened barangays. Truth be told, you have to fake it until you make it. The threat going up there is real. Anytime, an ambush could be executed by the NPA.

However, it did not stop the team from bring the love and services. They did not dwindle. What did they become? They were happy. Happy to see those smiles that could not be bought.

The Kabalikat in Zinundungan

Kabalikat Civicom’s (729 Chapter) tagline, “Serve Humanity to Serve God is indeed put into action. Initiative and sense of belonging characterized the sociable act shown by these people. They are not afraid of the danger. Most likely they are warriors of God and good service. Humanitarian act as what people visualize is not just conducting medical missions and/or gift giving. It is making your naked eyes see the smiles and laughter of others.

If the road ends, maybe, we could create a path and lead to greater things.

No one should be felt left alone. We are one in serving humanity.

Special Thanks to Vice Mayor Joel Ruma, Sierra Falcones, CPPO, Kabalikat Civicom 729 Chapter, ISAVED Foundation, Rizal MHO, CVMC, PHO-Cagayan, Red Cross, DepEd, KB Sta. Ana Chapter, KB Tuao, KB Ballesteros, KB 170, Bombo Radyo, RMN Cauyan, Radyo Pilipinas and Golden Press. northernforum.net

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