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Marcos camp clarifies issue on unpaid estate tax

Manila, PHILIPPINES – The camp of presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos clarified that the estimated P200 billion tax due from the estate of former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos remains unpaid since the properties involved in the tax case are still under litigation.

“The case is hinged on a legal issue that has yet to attain finality since the government through the public prosecutors has filed a motion for reconsideration with the Sandiganbayan, on the forfeiture proceedings on the very same properties that were made the tax base in the computation of the estate tax by the BIR,” Marcos’ spokesperson Atty. Victor Rodriguez said in a statement.

The clarification was a response to the criticism of Aksyon Demokratiko chairman Ernest Ramel against Bongbong Marcos and his family for refusing to pay the assessed estate tax, which has already been affirmed by the Supreme Court in a 1997 case.

Rodriguez also claimed that the BIR and the Presidential Commission on Good Government have already agreed to wait for the decision of the Sandiganbayan on the forfeiture proceedings before any collection enforcement activities are pursued, as the proceedings will determine ownership over the subject properties necessary for the computation of the estate tax.

In the case of Marcos II v. Court of Appeals, where Bongbong Marcos questioned the assessment and collection of estate and income tax delinquencies upon the estate and properties of his father by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, the Supreme Court found no irregularity in the actions of the BIR, thereby affirming the earlier decision of the Court of Appeals that the tax assessments of the BIR are already final and unappealable, and levy of real properties should be resorted to by the government.

This was the same Supreme Court decision that presidential candidate Isko Moreno vowed to implement against the Marcos family in case he is elected as president.

“I will make sure I will implement the decision of the Supreme Court, G.R. 120880, June of 1997 na may isang pamilya na pinagbabayad ng estate tax. As we speak, it’s about P200 billion already,” Moreno said last February 28 during a press briefing in Manila. TNF

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