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Get to know Miguel Decena Jr: From jeepney driver to multi-million business owner

Miguel Decena Jr and his wife. Photo from Facebook

Here’s The Northern Forum’s way of congratulating Miguel Bacud Decena, Jr. of Maddarulug, Enrile, Cagayan. He is one of the Gintong Medalya Awardees (Business and Entrepreneurship) of Cagayan as part of the 434th founding anniversary of the province. All data were based on a personal interview by the writer.)

  1. Sold Snow-White ice-crop from Tuguegarao for Enrile during summer as a young student in his barangay.
  2. Earned Ph80 as an ice-cream vendor in the 1970s, a no- mean feat.
  3. He is worth Ph90 million in 2013.
  4. Worked as a janitor at Ali Mall while pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree.
  5. Married at age 28 in 1989.
  6. Established his own talipapa in San Gabriel, Tuguegarao selling vegetables to feed his family.
  7. He sold vegetables in Liwan, Enrile
  8. Managed a small sari-sari store.
  9. Was a tricycle driver doing the night shift in Tuguegarao.
  10. Bought a passenger jeepney and took the Tuguegarao-Tabuk route.
  11. Coconuts, firewood and other agri-products were his back- cargo.
  12. His initial big break came in 1991 through RFM.
  13. Hauled RFM chickens in his jeep for Tabuk.
  14. Became a sub-contract hauler in 1995 and later on, as official hauler.
  15. Was given a slot as a grower and started with only 5,000 heads.
  16. A Local bank refused him when he tried to loan for Ph200,000.
  17. The bank told him, “Go to Bombay, not us.”
  18. He had three successful growth seasons when a typhoon devastated his business to its knees.
  19. Swift got him as one of the five territorial distributors of chicken in in 2000.
  20. Of the five, he was the only survivor the following year.
  21. Swift offered him to be distributor for Kalinga- Apayao and Cagayan.
  22. He went to a cash-to-cash negotiations, renewed his loan for Ph2 million.
  23. Per production month is 28,000 heads.
  24. By 2004, he took the entire Cagayan Valley region and controlled contract hauling.
  25. Bird’s flue hit chicken business in Asia and was forced to sell his chicken, door-to-door.
  26. When Swift offered him the sole distributorship for Central Luzon, he declined.
  27. His refusal resulted in his fall out with the company.
  28. Opened his feed mill in April 2007 and produced 180,000 chickens by end of the year.
  29. In 2012, he produced a record of 1.9 million heads in a single growing period.
  30. He was able to control chicken meat monopolies of multi-national since 2007 to present.

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