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Nature Answers to the Incessant Prayer of Cagayanos

The call for prayers for safety among netizens of Cagayanos has flooded the social media news feed too as much as there is massive flooding over the region. This is glaring and it’s not shocking anymore. We experience flooding and swelling of the Cagayan river every now and then. Our resilient spirit has even been lauded the greatest in the world. On the other hand, romantizing resilience is in way would take us to deeper into a cycle and we have not realize from ourselves what is so wrong. And why is there a need to suffer?

I have learned it since elementary school days that the lack of sufficient trees to absorb rainwater causes flooding and landslides; mentioning other adverse effects – air pollution and climate change. This is brought by deforestation, illegal logging, and the price of urban development.

Since early 2000s, this has been a major topic in science subjects. All of this could have just been a school lesson if only applied in real life. Unwilling to learn, let alone the realities and experience teach us in the most critical and life-threatening sense. This makes us realize the effects of what the unlearned, undisciplined and callous people could bring to many. Likewise, apathy from the masses pays a greater sin. For he who knows the mistake of others and does not correct it, condones it if not, reinforce it.

Prayers, yes, has never been too late to petition for Divine Providence. Nothing against it though, but faith comes with action as it is written. The logs carried by the monsoon flood is a manifestation of unlawful degradation of natural means to prevent floods and the unending climate change horror. The people has been so silent about it, so is the local and national governments, promises of stricter monitoring, surveillance, investigation and likes are now in vain.

The mitigating action to arrest illegal loggers and their protectors has long been a false hope. And that also built the culture of apathy among’st many. The mass flooding in Region 2 calls for an action. Not just rehabilitative, mitigating, but a preventive action. By the book, the solution is has long been taught to us. And the proverbs reverberate: prevention is better than cure. The Incessant prayers has been answered: PLANT TREES. It will make us safe.

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