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Rep. Albano defends ‘yes’ vote on death penalty bill

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ISABELA, Philippines– Congressman Rodito Albano of the 1st District of Isabela admitted he was a turn-coat on the death penalty bill after he saw the gravity of crimes committed in the country as a result of massive illegal drug trade and use.

He said his faith as a Roman Catholic has no bearing to his decision when he voted ‘yes’ for the approval of the controversial bill.

“In this issue, it is not always one’s faith,” he said. “Drug lords can buy anything including the souls of man.”

The situation has become his compelling reasons why he has a change of heart as he sees the killings as crimes against humanity.

The police establishment has continuously reported that heinous crime committed against unsuspecting victims including family members of perpetuators have been directly linked to either drug use or drug trade within immediate communities.

President Rodrigo Duterte in his campaign has asked electorates to give him six months to end the drug trade. He was forced to bargain his dead line and requested for more time anew as the country witnessed the gravity of the drug situation.

He launched his controversial drug war codenamed Tokhang which resulted in the killing of individuals by members of the Philippine National Police now reaching to thousands.

Albano claims the bill is supported by the majority of Filipinos as again st those who oppose it ‘if any.”

“I don’t have the monopoly of virtues but I pray my Creator forgives my decision,” he added.

Albano cited cases of controversial drug lords who, despite their detention, continue to enrich themselves inside their cells and enjoying all the luxuries they can afford as well as becoming influential and powerful.

He said was against the death penalty before news on crimes caused by illegal drugs hogged the headlines in recent months.

‘The crimes committed as a result of drugs use was the compelling reason why I change my stand,” Albano said.

As a Roman Catholic, Albano said that while he believed ‘only the creator can claim the lives of men,” the present situation the country is in, where even children , young and old women get raped or killed, has given him reasons to change his earlier decision as pro-life. – Northernforum.net

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