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As election ends, voters call for honest leaders, change in barangays

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines- Voters across the country have finally cast their votes in the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections on Monday, May 14, after several postponements.

As polls come to a close, locals have also expressed their hopes of having genuine community leaders in the pursuit of true progress and change in the barangay.

Danmark, a young voter in this city, expects to have leaders with honesty at integrity, the ones who will give everything for service to the community.

“Dapat kapag kailangan mo sila, aksyon agad. Kung sakali wala [dapat] silang papanigan kung anumang trahedyang mangyayari. Kailangang serbisyo na totoo ang ibigay nila,” he said.

For Danmark, an effective leader is also well educated, and one who knows how to apply his or her knowledge into practice.

“Alam nila ang nakabubuti sabihin mo lang na marunong din yung kalaban niya, pero mas higit siya kasi kung tutuusin naman kahit sa trabaho diba, siyempre  pipiliin nila yung may alam, mas kwalipikado,” he said.

Now that new sets of leaders are elected, Danmark hopes all the winning officials’ campaign promises will be kept.

“Sana yung mga sinabi nila at ipinangako, sana ay hindi lang sila hanggang salita at tuparin nilang totoo ang kanilang tungkulin.,” the young voter said.

Another voter, Linda, not her real name, said she would like the new officials to focus on peace and order in the barangay.

A resident of Annafunan West, Linda said she has been worried of gambling lately. She said this could result to disorder in the community and can direct the youth to a wrong path.

Returning in the Philippines last year, Linda admitted that she has not been aware of programs of her barangay but she said she is hopeful that the news set of leaders will give their best for the barangay.

“Alam ko namang ginagawa nila ang kanilang mga tungkulin. Sana naman sa tulong nila, makamit namin yung tunay na progreso at payapa sa barangay namin,” Linda said.

Meanwhile, Dondon, a resident of Annafunan here, expects proactive leaders who can solve the various issues of the barangay.

The voter said the barangay council should also focus on developing programs and ordinances on environment such as prohibiting burning of leaves, regulation on proper pig raising, and garbage disposal.

“Isa paga yari mattuggi ta karuba anna attay na bavi, kasi navuyu eh. Nu mabbavi ka, isa o nu duwa okay laman. Isa paga ilappa da ta o nu maganwa da ta drainage da paga eh navuyu gapa,” he said.

[Another thing is the burning of leaves and the handling of pigs’ feces. It creates awful smell. Perhaps raising one or two pigs is enough but some people also throw the wastes of pigs in man-made drainage that create stench in the neighborhood.]

“Nadduruma itabbo da. Egga  paga natay nga kitu nga itabbo da tari. Itabbo da paga yari basura o nu pampers. Anni yari? Mabbalin ta ari nga clean and green y kapaligiran tam. Tari eh puro polusyon ngana eh. Ari lang atu eh pati natay nga ayam e itabbo da tari, pati grocery da. Ari puwede yari ngam,” Dondon added.

[People throw various garbage including dead dogs and diapers. This makes our environment polluted, not clean and green. That’s unacceptable.”

Dondon also wishes the roads going into their area will be concreted to ease their travel.

“Yari lola, disabled ngana ta ari makasingan ta napya. Nu umme na nga sunduan yayya, eh puro rough road [y dalan], mas-single nap-paga. Baka nu mappadalan ka, dakadakal batu, egga high blood na lola, ari gapa nakasta para nayya yari. Mas nakasta nu sementadu dalan,” Dondon said.

[I have a grandmother who cannot see well. When I fetch her using my motorcycle, we go through a rough road. My grandmother has hypertension as well. It would be a comfortable travel if we had better roads.]

Aside from this, he urges the barangay to put up more street lights to illuminate at night their path going inside the barangay, Dondon’s area of residence is far away from the city’s highway.

“Y kailangan tatun ay yari tapat y serbisyu na ari yari nga umme ka sangaw ta barangay, mallawan ka sangaw. Oo, makarauffun tam ta barangay anni sangaw nu puro nagiginum da o nuari da makwa y serbisyo da. Mas nakasta nga yari ibotom, ay yari talaga nga makauffun,” he said.

[What is needed here is genuine service, not that kind of service wherein you win but you do ill practices like heavy drinking or failing to do your duty as an elected official, even though we are working hand-in-hand. It’s better if we vote those who can really help in the barangay.]

While some voters merely cast their votes for the sake of exercising their right, there are still a lot of our fellow citizens who have high hopes for their barangay officials, leaders whom they expect as the change agents in society.

To newly elected officials, your constituents are putting the pressure on you. Gerard Lucena/Northernforum.net


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