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Unsung Heroes and Heroines of CAVRAA Meet 2018

They didn’t bring any medal home except for their self-gratification that somehow they did their jobs. They perform their own chosen ‘event’ silently without question. Their only consolation are those ‘THANK YOUs’ they received from a few respectful clients they met during the week-long CAVRAA meet in Tuguegarao City.

They are the nameless and faceless individuals who contributed to the totality of the success that is CAVRAA, hosted by DepEd Division of Tuguegarao City and the City Government, DedEd-Cagayan and Provincial Government. Meet them at random:

– The “Notorious No More” Tricycle sector – It can be done. All we need is a strong political will (that word again) to get things done. The drivers ‘behaved’ or penalties will be imposed upon them. All of them left their Webster inside their homes, locked in a baul even and settled for Tagalog, Ibanag, Itawit and Ilocano. If only for this, they should be commended.

– The Broom and Dust Pen Brigade – They cleared our vision of visual irritants and also doubled as human signages; “Manang, saan ho ba iyong publication center ng DepEd Tuguegarao City? Walang signage kasi.”

– The Security Group – Their presence alone is a FULL DISCLOSURE that one should behave or else. There were no reports of ‘UNTOWARD INCIDENTS.’

– Kitchen Brigade – The performed one and a thousand chores to ensure food is served to their delegations. They are the last to eat because just the thought that what they served is appreciated is already food for their egos. No case of food poisoning was reported; overfed, there was.

– Cultural performers – Behind those ‘wows’ and ‘ohs’ and at times thunderous applause because of their artistry are this group who sweat it out to deliver a performance level. Never mind if the costumes were too tight, too loose, rented, borrowed or made to order. They added plus points to the hosts division.

– The Media – They played their major roles to the hilt; digital broadcast, airwaves and the print materials. Never mind if some of them could hardly pronounce names of sources or shoot impertinent and leading questions or misspelled a word or two, or were not fed or overly fed or used by their fellow workers as excuse for being late.

– Thirst Quenchers – They religiously brought a precious element to the athletes which contributed to the health and sanitation of the delegations. Without them, the players could have been choked to death or smelled like rotten officials.

– The Wellness Gang – The medical team were always on a stand-by mode and like the media, contributed to the totality of the games’ success. They served only a few but their force and service were indispensable.

– The ‘Prisoners’ – These are the government workers, particularly at the Deped Divisions who weren’t privileged to watch the games as they are the backbone for the event to run smoothly as it should; the communications, the linkage-ing, the errands, the reprimands received and others and of course, the shirts, the shirts.

You can have your own heroes and heroines for the CAVRAA Meet 2018 edition and share it to people, too. Benjie De Yro/Northernforum.net

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