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Cagayan Valley avian flu task force holds first meeting


TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines- Various agencies formed the Regional Avian Influenza Task Force to discuss precautionary measures against the avian influenza on Wednesday, August 23.

The task force meeting was attended by the Department of Agriculture (DA), National Meat Inspection Service, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippine National Police, and local government veterinarians.

In a press release from the Cagayan Provincial Information Office, Provincial Veterinarian Doctor Jaime Guillermo said that their office is already conducting surveillance activities on towns to ensure that poultry from the province is free from the virus.

The release also stated that over 37,000 fowls have been buried since July to prevent the spread of the virus on other poultry products, according to DA.

They added that poultry houses under their specified one kilometer radius have been subjected to quarantine.

DA again clarified that the avian influenza from affected chickens have no health implications to humans and is only a type of virus common in birds.
The agency earlier assured the public that the region is free from bird flu that is currently affecting the provinces of Pampanga at Nueva Ecija.

The type of virus affecting poultry products is Orthomyxovirus which is transmitted through blood, sweat, feathers, food, or any excreta from affected birds. Northernforum.net

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