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Holding back? 5 ways to tell (or show) someone you like them

Yes, I get it. The feelings is rather kept than be in an awkward situation. But choosing the time and the right words and actions will probably bring you good. And the best time, I bet, is on Valentine’s Day.

So, we just chose the best time. How do you show them? Here are five you might want to try.

1. Make them know you adore them. By simply saying she got a pretty eyes, or he got cute dimples. This is probably the easiest way to show them that you like some things about them. Often times, people tend to feel more closer to you if you often give attention to small details about their body, their dress, and their lifestyle.

2.React positively on their social media posts. She posted a selfie, or he showed his guitar. The “like” button is not the best thing you want to use. React “love,” or “wow.” You may also react “sad” or “angry” whenever they post their frustrations and disappointments. Social media is very useful avenue for secret feelings. You may also use this for No. 1.

3. Make them feel special. There are ways you can make them feel special without being too showy. If they are still stuck on their past relationship, make them know that they are too good for those person. Or if they got a bad day, simply send them a cheer-up message. Say goodbye whenever you’re leaving, or tell them to take care when they leave. Small things when done repeatedly create a ripple. Also, remember their birthday.

4. Talk over good foods. This can come at the later part. But you can invent reasons, say you want them to taste the foods of the best restaurant you’ve ever been. Enjoying good foods while talking about your most memorable experiences, or while laughing at each other’s jokes. It may sound like a date already, but that’s your end-goal, right?

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5. Say it in a special way. You can be a bit cheesy here. Tell them what you like about them. Choose the right words, being to overly cheesy can annoy them, unless, they feel the same way. You like her because her smile makes you smile, or you like him because of the way he dresses.

Above all these, don’t be too disappointed if you found out they don’t like you. You’re not the only one with unrequited love. Northernforum.net 

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