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Cagayan gov Mamba, aide hit employee on the nape over ‘disrespectful act’


TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines- Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba and his security aide hit a capitol employee on the nape for “disrespecting” him during Monday’s flag ceremony, September 4.

Rogie Sending, Mamba’s spokesperson, told The Northern Forum that Governor Mamba felt disrespected when Henry Balisi, 63, division chief of the provincial treasury, walked out of the line even before the ceremony was over.

Sending said Balisi was called by Mamba several times to go at the stage but refused to do so.

Two of Mamba’s security aides then escorted Balisi towards the governor. One of the aides allegedly hit him on the nape using a small shoulder bag.

Sending also admitted that Mamba “slightly” hit the 63-year old employee for refusing to heed a repeated request.

He said Balisi had since apologized for his actions.

In his interview with a local radio, Balisi explained that he started walking away because he thought the ceremony was already over when Governor Mamba passed the microphone to another employee.

Balisi said he had no intention of insulting the governor, admitting that the incident was shameful since it happened in front of a number of capitol employees.

He said he had already been in the government for 40 years and had not insulted any governor. Northernforum.net

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