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Aggao nac Cagayan’s Makan fest to feature exotic dishes

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Philippines- Rice eel or “igat” and the golden-apple snail will be the two major courses in the Makan Festival in Leonardo Mamba Gym on Wednesday, June 28.

As one of the events for Aggao nac Cagayan 2018, the festival will showcase a cooking contest utilizing local exotic ingredients as the star of the dish, the provincial government said.

Concurrent Provincial Agriculturist Perlita Mabasa said aside from the two main courses, other edible agricultural pests and fertilizers such as crickets or araraoan, farm birds, bisikul, liddeg, and agurong will also be cooked as side dishes.

After judging, all dishes will be displayed in a boodle fight which will be partaken by all participants, Mabasa said.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) will also lead the Linubian festival featuring cassava linubyan.

Mabasa said this year will be a contest for the best tasting linubian instead of the biggest linubian.

“It will be just the same pero hindi na sa palakihan kundi pasarapan. Ang labanan ay talagang pasarapan. 70% of that is of course cassava and the 30% will be [a mix of] banana, coconut, whatever they want it, as long as it tastes good,” Mabasa added.

The contest is open to all Cagayan rural based organizations including irrigators associations.

Participants will follow a specific size for the linubian which 1.5 meters in diameter and one and a half inches in thickness, Mabasa said.

The winner of the contest will receive P20,000 while each participant is guaranteed P2,500. After judging, the linubian will be eaten by all participants.


The OPA will also head other events for Aggao such as the Paddarafunan trade fair. One of the activities under OPA is Bangkarera.

The event will be held on Thursday, June 28, at Namabbalan, this city, specifically near the newly constructed river water control.

Participation in the bangkarera is open to all. Some 10 teams from local government units have already confirmed attendance, Mabasa said.

Each team will have seven players, including the steerer. Teams will be provided boats which they have to paddle within a stretch of one kilometer, 500 meters upstream and 500 meters downstream.

Mabasa said the bangkarera was included in this year’s Aggao nac Cagayan festivities because of the clamor of fisherfolk who wanted show their skills.

The provincial government will also be giving prizes for the best chanting team and the team with the best dressed boat.

“With the longest river in the country and the longest coast in the region, the promotion of Cagayan’s aquaculture and heritage as seafarers is of primary importance in this year’s celebration. Hence, to kick start the province’s momentum northward, this fun and exciting 1 km bangka race will be held,” the provincial government said in a press release. Northernforum.net

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